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Ever-changing employment law is a major feature of modern business life, and failing to properly manage these vital issues can seriously damage your firm’s finances and reputation.

So to help you stay informed and protected in every area of your employment activity, we’ve created Praesidium Employment Law Protection.

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Praesidium Employment Law Protection is a practical, expert, and up-to-date management tool covering all aspects of employment law, from recruitment through to termination.

Praesidium provides the opportunity for HR and employment law advisors to manage day to day internal employment activities and to act effectively safely in the knowledge that the documents come from reputable practices.

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The employment law manual has been designed with separate sections to easily identify any documents for a particular stage of the employment process. These consist of: pre employment, managing employment and termination of employment. The documents include:

Policies & procedures

Documents written in plain English to assist in the consistent management of employees.

Forms & records

A comprehensive suite of documents designed to simplify HR and personnel administration tasks.

Step-by-step guides

Easy to follow guides for helping you manage all aspects of employment, including disciplinary and grievance procedures.

A 24-hour employment law advice line offers direct access to your own specialist employment law solicitors. Insurance protection of up to £250,000 per claim is also available, to meet the cost of legal representation and any compensation awards in the event of employment tribunal action.