We have developed Praesidium Employment Law Protection in response to a demand from clients for an easy to use employment law package written, updated and supported by experienced, reputable employment lawyers.

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Some employment law companies rely on sales teams or paralegals to give advice that can have far-reaching business implications for people using them. Our clients don’t think that’s good enough. They value the confidence that comes from working with qualified, experienced and regulated employment lawyers. With employment currently topping everyone’s agenda, we can see why.

What is Praesidium?

Praesidium has been designed by specilaist employment solicitors to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses with their employment law needs.

Praesidium consists of an online employment law manual which is easy to use, and is backed by immediately accesible telephone advice from reputable firms who focus on client needs and giving commercial advice. Praesidium can also provide insurance cover for employment law costs and awards from employment claims.

Praesidium is avaiable in different packages tailored to your requirements and budget.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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